Woah! 8 weeks go fast!

Our most ambitious project yet (aka the Gallery Edition) finished with an action packed week and an Idea Bombing session on Friday night looking at Design & the City. If you missed it, or couldn't make it to Art Space Futures, here's a recap of the main points from both events 'speaker presentations' as seen by Angela Bee:

  • When doing something creative, be ready to take risks and argue a lot

  • With events, consider the event AND social/online app experience

  • Artwork is a living entity- its a living voice and engages the artist and the audience

  • Can being online ever replace physically being somewhere?

  • Turn a problem into a solution

  • Architectural lighting adds to the #environmental impact and #city #architecture #energyconsumption

  • “Design is everywhere”

  • Don’t hesitate but go for it

You can also find more information on our speakers and collaborators here.

At the moment we're in the process of collecting all the #ideabombs and we plan on sharing these via our social media channels over the coming weeks! We can however confirm there were 231 ideas dropped during the 8 weeks - an amazing amount of creativity and imagination! Thanks to everyone who was involved and contributed to the success of the Gallery Edition! As always, more to come! Watch this space.