Who are you voting for this Saturday? Want to know what each party has to offer? Well, over the next few days we'll be bringing you a politician or candidate going for the top job in their electorate via our '5 tweets with...' series. 

Since launching in 2013, we've heard at our events and online about issues affecting you - affordability, the night time economy and creativity in the City are just a few themes popping up time and time again.

So, as part of our commitment to talking about the City, we wanted to ask our politicians what they thought in response to these issues. In true Idea Bombing fashion, we also asked them to drop their #ideabomb for future Sydney!

Kicking things off we're excited to announce The Hon. Luke Foley, Leader of the Opposition, as our first twitter interview.  

5 Tweets with Luke

Housing costs and rent increases are pricing people out of the market, what is your plan to tackle this issue?