Idea Bombing is back blogging! Bringing a new concept to life, we have styled our new blog segment on Alumni interviews. Since Idea Bombing started in May 2013 at Alaska Projects so many of our fantastic speakers (whom now we consider family) have been creating, innovating, inspiring and dreaming of doing more. Needless to say they have been hard to pin down. But we haven't exactly been staying local either as we all know the thrill and excitement a little travel can bring into our lives.

So we are going through our list of loyal supporters and one-by-one sitting down with them and indulging ourselves in their latest pursuits, projects and ideas. We feel like this is a great time to give back as much as we have received from the Sydney creative community. And we hope that these interviews are one way to keep all of our ideas alive and present in our daily journey.

Every single person who has helped to catapult Idea Bombing Sydney has passions of their own, dreams they are working towards and initiatives that will help make Sydney a better community. After all, Idea Bombing would not exist without the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of all these amazing speakers we have had at our events. They have given us the substance we need to start conversations in and around Sydney towards making the change that enables people to feel inspired, included and empowered by our creative cultural revolution.

So as we embark on this new endeavor we just want to say thank you to all of you creators, thinkers, writers, fashion gurus, willing participants, unknowing participants, artists, designers, builders and idea bombers. As we rework the canvas, you have provided us with the colour that makes this city brighter and brighter each day.

Thank you!!!