982. Tiny houses. High density sleeping makes more resilient building. Massive gardens.
983. Tax/rate incentives for building and land owners
984. Vertical farming (large scale)
985. Turn all public fountains into aquaponics systems
986. Temporary homes. Custodians. Street farms.
987. Live out of your vehicles. Turn carparks into housing.
988. Break down fences – live communally.
989. Public seating and living in Gardens
990. Build on top of existing infrastructure with Government approval
991. Permaculture pocket farm – prince/esses presenting Persian parties inn parks. Prime.
992. Rooftops hidden gems
993. Resident co-op
994. Fine grain
995. Conveyor belt growing hydroponics (with picking window)
996. Every other tree along side-walk should be a fruit tree. Let homeless people cultivate and sell.
997. Let’s urban farm coffee!
998. Friday beers and Friday farm (collaboration and community is there to work)
999. Use the big backyards of the elderly to host intergenerational gardening spaces. Old and young sprouts!
1000. Grow food on top of trains
1001. ‘Tap on’ and pick an apple on your way to work. 
1002. Curriculum based education program through schools (primary and high) as part of food education.
1003. Indigenous food forests in parklands
1004. Every resident has the option of growing a non fruiting tree or fruiting tree in their front yard. Then as the tree grows, people can share/harvest from footpath as they want.
1005. Eat the weeds
1006. Food for fauna
1007. Mvrdv’s Piggity – a speculative building that’s a vertical pig farm in an apartment block
1008. We need private investment. Streets are not the answer!
1009. Mandatory pocket farms in new suburban development
1010. Edible bugs can be farmed on large scale in cities (ants are yum!)
1011. Edible landscaping!
1012. A percentage of land for all public development to be allocated for food production
1013. Teach cooking and agriculture in schools!
1014. Victory gardens WW1 Australia
1015. Farms on floating barges
1016. Food is free project (USA and in AUS)
1017. School food forests to teach biology, ecology, system theory
1018. Living building challenge and biomimicry
1019. Floating farms in the bay (seaweed)
1020. Blockchain technology
1021. Adaptive reuse of old carparks into vertical living spaces and farms for nearby cafes
1022. Plant our verges!
1023. Replace lawns for food
1024. Let our local elders guide our food production
1025. Test growing of food in the city, fighting pollution and other obstacles, to help with scientific research to grow food elsewhere like the moon
1026. Develop edible native cultivars
1027. Pick and pluck then carry greens, from Walk to lunch plate
1028. Edible weed love and appreciation (go from ‘pest’ to profit)
1029. Popup fruit vendors at targeted high commute areas
1030. Fresh food vending machines
1031. Make edible landscaping cool
1032. Only plant food that’s edible
1033. Local commercial/retail businesses to grow food for restaurants
1034. Monthly suburban food markets, where different locally grown food from all over Sydney is bartered and traded
1035. Healthy food makes for happy people
1036. More fish in our waterways and canals. Let’s tidy them up!