429. Enjoy open spaces 430. Free Art classes 431. Artists aren’t slaves end capitalism first 432. More public accessible green roofs and walls 433. Cafes with more books in them for casual reading/browsing to eliminate our obsession with screens 434. More public water fountains 435. 3D printers in public libraries 436. Combine art galleries with basketball courts 437. Roof top think space. Mental health assisted by sunshine. 438. Mind fitness training 439. Have more plants and trees to enjoy 440. Dog clothes advertising local galleries and cultural spaces 441. Create a register of suburban walls etc for graffiti artists to use 442. Free rental equipment for youth from community spaces including music and machines 443. Be kind to each other! This will make Sydney the most beautiful city in the world. 444. Less TV ads 445. More beautiful green spaces everywhere 446. Plant fruit trees in parks 447. Design thinking block party 448. There should be street art on trains 449. Foster ways for traffic to flow easily 450. Free spaces for exchanging second hand clothes and furniture 451. More art in public spaces 452. Host culturally diverse events with cultural communities from Sydney 453. Fruit trees 454. Public opinion and ideas “suggestion box” to enhance ideas in the city 455. No seriously cat café 456. Active public spaces for graffiti artists (aspiring) 457. Less possessions more sharing like car-sharing 458. Sculpture on the streets 459. More football pitches #ballpitchdream 460. Open up roof spaces for cafes and gardens or just for the view 461. More beautiful gardens 462. Colourful buildings! Not just white and tones of grey. 463. Check out Liquidspace and Space & Co 464. Transparent building materials for new buildings so that it doesn’t block the sun 465. Community/Council compost collection to help farmers 466. An orchestra playing a concert from a boat in front of the opera house 467. Empty spaces (stores) becoming temporary art spaces to work in or popup teaching spaces for art and crafts of all sorts 468. Find ways to embrace community in all aspects of living 469. More street bike pumps 470. Less traffic lights 471. Empty shops used for popup book share libraries 472. In this space, monthly party for up and coming DJs 473. Community gardens 474. Bring back Brutalist architecture 475. A permanent idea bombing drop in centre 476. More solar powered items such as traffic lights, power outlets etc 477. More spaces for dancing not just at midnight 478. Hydroponics reserve 479. Beautiful city love Sydney (a French girl) 480. Non quiet carriages on the train – let’s get some music playing all over the loudspeakers 481. Create cool, comfortable and stylish bars, pubs, meeting